Tommy's margarita is a simple but delicious interpretation of the classic margarita that emerged in the 90's in San Francisco.

Tommy's Margarita

Lime wedge


4 cl
Agave syrup
2 cl
Freshly squeezed lime juice
2 cl
This is tequila's answer to a classic daiquiri. Proportions match and the type of individual ingredients are the same.

The history of Tommy's Margarita

This cocktail was created in the early 1990s by Julio Bermejo, who named it after his family's Mexican restaurant and bar in San Francisco.

Tomas and Elmy Bermejo started Tommy's in 1965, with Julio being one of their 5 children, all of whom have been part of the business. Julio has become something of a legend in the cocktail world because of Tommy's Margarita and his knowledge of tequila.

Tommy's Margarita can now be found on menus around the world, and the small family restaurant has become something of a mecca for bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts who want to experience the now famous cocktail in the bar where it was invented. The journey is definitely worth it. The classic margarita trio of tequila, sugar, and triple sec is improved by using agave syrup instead of triple sec and the use of hand-squeezed Persian limes. The cocktail is served with a multitude of tortillas and salsa. The bar's shelves are stocked with the largest selection of 100% agave spirits in the United States, and visitors are encouraged to sample the flavors of different tequilas in the signature cocktail.

Learn more about tequila

The story of tequila starts 3000 years ago when the “Olmecs” drank the fermented juice from the agave plant, often called pulque. The drink was only allowed to drink by priests, warriors, and sages as it was believed that pulque came from the gods, and therefore not common people. However, on ceremonial occasions the people were allowed to drink it.
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