Cocktails with gin

From the crunchy berries of the juniper bush to the crispness of the lemon peel, gin is a symphony of flavors and aromas. Rooted in Dutch and British history, this spirit has evolved into a global favorite in mixology. Gin is not just a drink, it is a journey through herbs and spices, a journey of discovery that invites us to explore the complexity and finesse behind each sip.

Cocktails with liquor

With a base of spirits and a palette of fruits, spices or herbs, the liqueur transforms the distillate into a subtle and seductive experience. Each drop is like a small work of art, where the distiller's masterpiece meets the finesse of nature. Liqueur is not just a sweet refreshment; it is a journey of pleasure that invites us to explore the world through taste and aroma, appreciating the art of creating the perfect liquid masterpiece.

Cocktails with other

A mixture of cocktails that do not have one primary spirit, but several. A classic example is a Long Island Iced Tea, which consists of as many as 5 different types of spirits.

Cocktails with rum

From the Caribbean islands to the Latin American distilleries, rum is an artistic blend of patience, tradition and time. Its complex flavor profile of vanilla, caramel and spice is a tribute to the mercy of nature and the skill of the distiller. Rum is not just a drink, it's a story that unfolds with every sip, awakening the senses with a gentle reminder that life can be as well-balanced as a well-mixed cocktail.

Cocktails with tequila

From soil to bottle, tequila reflects the Mexican passion and dedication to craftsmanship. The deep, complex flavor of agave, combined with a hint of earthy warmth, makes tequila more than just a spirit—it's a fluid expression of tradition, craftsmanship, and the vibrant spirit of Mexico.

Cocktails with vodka

Originally from Eastern Europe, vodka is a simple yet powerful spirit that serves as a clean canvas for mixologists and drink enthusiasts. Its ability to let other ingredients shine through makes it versatile and beloved in the cocktail world. In every glass of vodka lies not only purity, but also the potential for endless creativity and variety, making it a key ingredient in the art of mixology.

Cocktails with whiskey

Distilled and aged with care, whiskey develops its complex character over the years in oak casks. Each sip is a journey through the landscape of flavors — from smoke and spice to vanilla and honey. Whiskey is not just a drink; it is a clear reminder that life, like this golden spirit, matures and grows richer with age. A tribute to craftsmanship and a reminder that some things get better with time.