A sweet summer cocktail based on light rum, passion syrup and other good things.

Miami Heat

No garnish


Orange pieces
4 pieces
4 cl
Passion syrup
2 cl
Freshly squeezed lime juice
2 cl
1 cl

How to make a Miami Heat

Pour all ingredients except sprite and grenadine into a glass. The orange pieces are then muddled so that their juice is released. Fill halfway with crushed ice. Stir the glass (churn) so that everything is mixed together and the orange pieces do not lie on the bottom. Fill with crushed ice and top with Sprite. Then pour grenadine on top to create a cool look.

Make it non-alcoholic

A Miami Heat is a cocktail with a lot of ingredients, each of which has its own unique taste. This means that the rum fades into the background, and means that this cocktail can do very well as non-alcoholic. All that needs to be done is to simply remove the rum when making it.

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